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Is Monat for all ethnicities?

  • Yes!!  Men/Women/Children of All ETHNICITIES​!! We even have Pet Shampoo! So get some from your fur baby as well! If Keiko was still here, he would definitely be using it! 

Other Brands claim Organic, but MOST are NOT!

  • The FDA does NOT regulate the beauty industry!! Which means, if a product you are using claims to be organic, doesn't mean it is organic!

  • If they have 15 ingredients, some which are toxic, as long as their very last ingredient is Organic, they are allowed to write Organic on their bottle!

  • For more info on products you are using, Download the "Think Dirty" app in the app store for Free. 

How do I know that Monat products really Vegan?

  • Our products are Clinically proven!

  • Monat spent 3 years studying, creating and patenting with scientist and doctors doing clinical studies by both independent and in home labs.

  • We have a scientific advisory board of doctors, trichologists (a scientist that specializes in hair skin and nail field) lead scientist that have worked with top beauty brands and specialize in anti aging. We have a wrap sheet of experts that have tested, used and support our products.

  • For more info

  • Or email me to request our 26 page Medical Study

Can I mix Monat with other products or just buy a shampoo?

  • We don't advise you to mix products! You don't want to use other products with our products. Our shampoo is clearing all the build up and silicones. When you use products with those ingredients - you are undoing all the work our products have done to help grow healthy hair!  Make the Choice Not to be Counter Productive! 

Why choose Monat?

  • When using other products  and not Monat, your hair is being starve! When people use Monat, our products gently remove the damaging build ups - exposing the underlying condition of the hair. Then Monat re-introduces the natural oils and compounds, balances out pH, and creates healthier strands of hair.

  • MOST PRODUCTS use heavy and potential hazardous chemicals and unnatural ingredients that build up on the hair or scalp over time. These substances are TOXIC to you and do damage to the natural fibers underneath hair and on scalp. The build up covers up the damage by camouflaging or obscuring the natural hair strand. During this process of the build up, the natural fibers are being starved of moisture and oils, causing hair to suffocate and become dry, brittle, and break.

Understanding your VIP Cart: