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We are Modern Nature

All of our Products are Vegan & Anti-Aging


We are a vegan, anti-aging hair and skin care company! Our products promote hair growth and overall hair health! We create custom hair regimens based on your hairs current state and hair goals!


Take the Hair quiz SO we can come up with your own custom hair regimen! 


  • Grow Longer and Healthier

  • Repair Heat and Color Damage

  • Hydrate and Moisturize 

  • Eliminate Frizz

  • For All Ethnicities and Hair Types

  • Stop Thinning, Balding, Shedding

  • Fill in Patchy Beards

  • Grow Your Hair Back

      - Alopecia - Thyroid - Postpartum

      - Receding Hair Lines - Chemo - PCOS


Hair Care Benefits 


Skin Care Benefits

  • Anti-aging and Preventative 

  • Skin Smoothing Antioxidants

  • Skin Brightening, Radiance

  • Age Control, Skin Tightening

  • Exfoliating, Pore Perfecting

  • Smooth Lines and Wrinkles

  • Remove Toxins and Makeup

  • Remove Blemishes

  • Balance Skin Tone

  • Hydrating, Resurfacing

  • Moisturizing


Monat Mission:

MONAT was conceived and produced using the latest scientific technologies and clinically proven proprietary ingredients. This carefully crafted collaboration of science and nature allows MONAT to provide an unparalleled and unique age prevention hair and skin care experience. Together we are committed to excellence in maintaining our present line and developing new products.

Clinically Proven and Backed by Scientists & Dermatologist